1. What should I bring to my surf lesson?

Water, towel, some food, changing clothes and tons of desire to learn and surf.

2. What is the water temperature?

Between 16 and 25 degrees.

3. How many people join the group lessons?

The maximum is 6 people.

4. Can I try and mix the different watersports?

Yes, you can, send us an email with your requirements.

5. Do you have special group deals?

Yes, we do, for a maximum group of 6 people we have special deals. Send as an email with your requirements and we can live an adventure together.

6. I don’t have a car, how can I go to the surf lesson?

If you need a pickup, call us or send and an email.

7. Can I bring my own equipment to the lesson?

Yes, you can. But for beginner’s lessons we recommend the use of our special learning boards.

8. I want to bring my own wetsuit what do you recommend?

3.2 summertime, 4.3 wintertime.

9. It`s just surf and watersports? What else?

When the ocean is flat, we can take you to wonderful places for sunsets, visit art galleries or even share some of the local festivities and gastronomy.

10. When is the best time for surf guiding?

WIt is possible all year round, however the ideal time is from October to June.

11. How many people can join the group for surf guiding?

The Maximum is 6 people.